Aldersgate Evangelical Center

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Camper Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct standards are important to create an opportunity for everyone to have fun and grow in a relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ and with our "camping family". We require that every parent / guardian and camper read and sign the Code of Conduct. It is important to understand this agreement and discuss it with your camper. Your signature is acceptance to abide by these standards.
  1. I will not be in possession of tobacco products, drugs, alcohol or any illegal substance. If any of these items are found on me or in my belongings that they will be assumed to be mine unless I can prove otherwise.
  2. I will not go into the cabin of the opposite sex for any reason.
  3. I understand that for my safety a counselor must know my whereabouts at all times. I will not leave my cabin group, cluster or activity or camp programs and events without approval.
  4. I will keep myself from physical conflicts or fights at camp.
  5. I understand that profanity and vulgarity have no place at camp.
  6. I will not damage Camp Aldersgate property or the property of others. I will respect other camper's belongings.
  7. I will not be a part of any form of bullying - physical, verbal, or relational. (Bullying covers a wide spectrum of actions and language and it is the discretion of Camp Aldersgate to apply appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity of a camper's bullying).
  8. I understand and appreciate the privilege of bringing electronic devices to camp (iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, etc.). With this privilege comes responsibility. Usage of these devices will be determined appropriate by the camp staff. Usage will be clearly discussed with each age group and I agree to abide by any restrictions. Noncompliance will result in the device being taken and returned at the end of camp.
  9. I understand that noncompliance to all conduct standards may result in my dismissal from camp. I understand this includes any conduct that negatively affects the camp experience for myself and others or reflects unfavorably on Aldersgate and its staff.


We agree to these standards and understand that the decisions regarding violations and disciplinary actions are at the sole discretion of the Aldersgate camp staff.

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